Painted Clover is a reservation only Paint and Sip acrylic painting studio, they will help you and your friends learn how to paint with easy step by step instructions. Located at 5720 Nieman Rd, Shawnee KS 66203.

What's Included?

  • For starters; a fun and energetic Acrylic Painting Party.

  • All supplies are provided

    • Paint

    • Brushes

    • Canvas,

    • Paper towels

    • Water Cups

    • all you have to is come and have a good time!

Everyone will learn techniques and a few tricks of the trade, such as proper brush strokes and color mixing. Each class is about an two hours long, and everyone will go home with a completed, unique masterpiece! All the set-up and clean up is provided too!

We do not provide any beverages or ice, (except water) but feel free to BYOB to the party.

When consuming alcohol on the premises you waive Painted Clover of all liability, and are consuming at your own risk. Painted Clover is not responsible for guest actions. Painted Clover has the right to ask a guest to leave if they are disrupting the event. Painted Clover has the right to limit guest beverages if necessary. 

We also provide drinking cups, wine and beer bottle openers, paper plates and plastic wear for any food you bring.

Please drink responsibly.

when can i have a Private party?

You can have a party anytime we do not already have an event, our parties are two hours long and we need about an hour between events to cleanup and reset the studio. In short, any day available other than Monday, when we are not open. (Sorry, not sorry)

When do I need to Arrive?

We ask that you arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the start of class, to get you organized and settled.

Arriving late causes delays in your party, Don't be fashionably late, its smart to be on time so you don't miss any directions.

* Consider what it is like when arriving 30 minutes late to the movies and asking them to start the movie over again, making everyone wait while you catch up, its just disrespectful to everyone else who was on time.

Do I have to prepay online?

Its easier if you do, but if you are looking for something last minute to do, feel free to come on in Walk-ins welcome, just remember our start time and that its disrupting to be late, so try to get there at least 15 minutes early. Coupons cannot be redeemed for walk-ins, use coupons online ahead of time to redeem. Unless coupon says otherwise.

Can I talk on my phone during class?

Duh, Its disruptive to the people around you and the instructor to talk on your phone during our painting parties, we ask that you silence your cell phones

If you are expecting a phone call or it is an emergency, please take your call outside. You wouldn't do it in a classroom, so try your best at our parties.

if you have to leave the building for any reason (other then to make a quick call or a smoke break) you will not be allowed to return to complete your painting. The Painting Party will not stop to accommodate you, "a'int nobody got time for that"

- We're talking about an extended leave of absence, like 15-20 minutes.

Can I bring alcohol?

Sure, go ahead! Feel free to bring your favorite beverage, we've got cups you can use. Obviously, the legal drinking age is followed and you must be 21 to enjoy an adult beverage.

When consuming alcohol on the premises you waive Painted Clover of all liability, and are consuming at your own risk. Painted Clover or any of the instructors are not responsible for guest actions. We have the right to ask you to leave if they are disrupting the event. We do have the right to limit guest beverages if necessary. 

Please drink responsibly.

Alcohol is not allowed at our kids parties. (Preteen's don't make good drunks)

Who can I invite?

You can invite anyone and as many friends as you'd like!  We have seats for 30 people per party.

Kids Parties?

Obviously, no booze is allowed at kids parties. Birthday parties are a great way to have fun! 

We suggest little painters be at least 10 years old to make the most out of their painting birthday party. Its a two hour long class and most young kids cannot keep their attention this long, plus some of our techniques can be a little challenging for younger kids.

Do not abandon your child, an adult or guardian must be present the entire time of the party. The Painted Clover staff is not a babysitting service, and we have no training in the event of a medical issue.

What do I need to do to schedule a private event?

The "host" or the person who books the class needs call or email Painted Clover to select the date of the class and then select the painting. Well create you a personal link for you and your friends to use on our website, to finalize your reservation, two prepaid tickets need to be purchased within 5 days. Its that simple!

Well get the studio ready for you and do everything else. Feel free to bring snacks or potluck, also along with your favorite beverage to enjoy during class. (21 and over for alcoholic beverages, of course)

$30/person with a minimum of 4 people in your party. The studio seats 30 though so invite as many friends as you'd like.

Or we can come to you to have your party in your home or office, for an additional $5 per person, Plus a $75 travel fee. For in home/office parties, the seats available are limited to the space you have. Each painter needs a seat and about a square foot of table space. Painted Clover does not provide tables and chairs, but we will bring everything else needed to paint, including tablecloths to protect your space. We will arrive at your location about a half hour early before your scheduled class start time, to set up the room. Then when your party is over, we will do all the clean up and return your space back to its original order.

Looking forward to hearing about your private event! Call 913-730-6833 to book your party or to talk about cats! 


Deer Creek Apartments hosted a private painting party for their residents

Deer Creek Apartments hosted a private painting party for their residents