Painted Clover will be Changing

As of the end of March, we will no longer be offering Public classes, our attendance has been pathetically low over the last couple of months and instead of spending a fortune on advertising and competing with the “big” name studios around town we will simply be a private party location for the next month or two.

Then unfortunately we will be closing our doors permanently in June. Due to supply and demand in the Kansas City area, there is just too many studios and not enough people painting. Too much supply, not enough demand, its basic economics. Which totally sucks. Don’t worry about us though, as artists we will always find a way to express ourselves and share our passion with others.

To be perfectly honest its a load off my chest and I might even stop getting gray hairs, if THAT is even possible. Like anyone, I am sad though to see it go, after three years of being welcomed so openly into the Shawnee community, it is difficult to close up shop. The act of taking down something that has grown over the years, can be emotional.

However as one door closes, another door opens, and hopefully opportunity will knock. In the meantime, we will strive to provide excellent service to our clients who reserve private parties and will continue to make donations throughout our community. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve our studio for your event. We’re still one of the more competitively lowest studio’s in town.