How is Painted Clover Different?

Happy New year folks, I thought we’d start off the year by bragging a little about our self.

Painted Clover opened its doors in 2012, we initially worked soley with senior citizen communities and then branched out and held private parties at clients homes. But lets be honest, how many people can you actually have around your dining room table? 6 maybe 8? That limited our ability to have large parties like our clients wanted.

So in 2016 we opened our first studio space for clients to bring up to 30 people to have a party! But the tricky part is that we are not the only Paint and Sip studio in town, heck not even in Kansas City are we the only Paint and Sip or wine night painting class or painting party. There are dozens of companies that do the same thing, either in a studio space like ours or who work out of clients homes.

So how is Painted Clover different from other paint and sip parties in Kansas City? Well to be honest were not much different, we all paint with acrylics, we all give step by step instructions and we all have clients leaving with personalized paintings.

Boy I’m doing a Great job of convincing you how we’re different aren’t I? Lol Well we ARE different in some key ways.


Painted Clover lets you rent out our whole studio for as little as four guests, yep you read that right, you can have a private party for just you and three of your friends. Plus the price does not change, there isn’t a ranking system based on how many people you have in attendance, its simply $30 per person no matter how many friends you invite, no complicated math involved, if you have 10 guests attend its $25, if you have less than 10 guests is $35, etc. We keep it simple. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) Easy to understand and easy to reserve a private party

Painted Clover also only provides you with the three primary colors and black and white. What I ONLY GET FIVE COLORS??? well yeah… that’s all you need. Chill your taters. Every single color in the rainbow can be made with those five colors. Purples, greens, and oranges (the secondary colors) plus more complex colors like brown and teal for example. There is only the limit of your imagination. We do this because we WANT you to create your own colors, everyone perceives color differently, you see different shades, one mans grey might be another mans red. (see what I did there… Made a little joke about being color blind…Too soon?) Your eye is as unique as you are and the colors you see vary from the person next to you! So why shouldn’t the colors you make also be different? Plus we want you to be able to fully customize your painting!

Speaking of customizing, we will actually help your painting be unique, our artists will give you some inspiration at the end of the class to add personalized touches, maybe a bird or a squirrel in the tree scene were painting, maybe do a pink gradient’ sunset instead of a blue one originally painted. If your going to spend time painting a picture you might as well tweak it to make it fit within your home decor! Make it something you want to put on the wall!


We also work with treated canvas panels instead of stretch canvas on wood. They are 12x16 canvas so that you can easily frame your personalized masterpiece at any craft store, no need to spend a fortune on custom framing your canvas stretched on wood. Our panels fit in just about any pre-made frame and they already have a variety of styles made to fit your canvas. simple, cheap, effective. KISS (again)

Plus all of our artwork is 101% unique, you wont find our art anywhere else, unlike other studio’s who share artwork from city to city, where the same painting can be painted in 12 different cities nation wide! You get custom paintings unique to our city, like royals, chiefs and the Kansas city skyline. Plus we are more than happy to create custom paintings at your request.

Now I personally am 100% biased, because I am the owner of Painted Clover, but I think we’re one of the best Paint and Sip companies locally in Kansas city. We’re the only business that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So why not give Painted Clover a shot? Plus were competitively cheaper, which means you get a fair painting party ticket for a good price everyday of the week, no need to search the internet for coupons, even tho we do offer some discounts a few times of year or even give promo codes on Facebook, to give our loyal customers another good reason to come in and see us again.

Check us out on Facebook and see our online calendar for our upcoming events, we hope you’ll love our studio so much you’ll come back all the time, we’d love to be best buddies. (Wanna build a snowman?)

Happy New Year from all of us at Painted Clover